Wednesday, October 9, 2013

things i love and don't love


*Pumpkin patch outings with my moms' group.

*Kendall being much more social lately.

*French Vanilla

*Cam's funny comments: "Mom, sometimes I don't like your ideas. However as time goes on, they get better."

*November 2: the day Hallmark "Countdown to Christmas" movies begin.

*Got about 5 pounds of grapes yesterday at the fruit stand for $1.49. They may be on their way out, but I'm still getting a truckload of good ones for way cheaper than the grocery store.


*Cam plugged the toilet yesterday and our plunger had broken and had yet to be replaced.

*I spent hours several months ago researching cheaper health insurance plans and was elated to find one. I really don't care if it is a result of Obama or not, but our insurance will go up $300 PER MONTH in January and I'm incredibly frustrated. No, make that angry.

*I wish Cam liked straight cheese. It's hard to come up with good protein rich snacks without ever using cheese.

*When Kendall does something naughty to Cam, she thinks all she has to do is apologize and she's done. No matter how many times I explain it to her, she cannot grasp that time out comes right along with the apology.


Jessica said...

I'm amazed at how much Kendall has blossomed! She used to cling to you, and now she happily runs off and plays :)

Huge bummer on the health insurance :( That's a huge jump.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's a hilarious comment of Cam's about your ideas!

Jen Scholte said...

Kelly, did you know you can get a HUGE thing of French Vanilla at Smart & know, like the ones they used to have at Costco back when we were in college? It's the same stuff, just in a round container. It's my weakness and I have it every single morning!!!