Sunday, October 6, 2013

a few random pictures

*Yesterday we went to a birthday party and then met Chris' brother and one of his girls at a Burger King for play time. They played for nearly two hours and the kids were sweaty and very tired on the drive home...

*The first ballet class of each month is "free dress". Kendall chose to go as Tiana last week. 

*My mom is currently in Texas and so my dad treated us to lunch at McDonald's after church today. Can I just say how thankful I am for the toys in happy meals? They REALLY do the trick allowing adult conversation take place without too many interruptions. :)

*Yesterday we realized some sort of fuse had blown in our laptop cord and it was actually smoking a bit. We headed out to the Mac store after church (with no luck) but also felt like a trip to the Lego store was necessary since it was just down the road. :) We gave the kids each $5 and Cam put a few of his allowance dollars in as well to purchase a small new set.

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