Monday, October 21, 2013

oak glen

*Chris' parents spent Friday night with us on their way back from a big road trip. The next morning they treated us to breakfast. This has become somewhat of a tradition on the last morning we spend with them. :)

*On Sunday our friends Jeremy and Ana came out for a visit. We headed up to Oak Glen (along with everyone else and their mother) for a picnic and hike. The weather was beautiful. 

Can you get any cuter then all of them holding hands???

We let the kids play back at our house for a while before they needed to head home. Our times are always filled with great conversation, laughs (the husbands have the same sense of humor which makes for a good time), but are always too short. :)

*I got a one month subscription to Dr. Laura so I could load up my iPod for when I clean the bootcamp class. It is good to be back!! I never thought I would look forward to cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming so much!! :)

*The other day when I was talking to the kids about playing with the neighbors, I went on this loooong speal about how they are never to go into anyone's home unless they come and ask. As I ended what I thought was a very clear and good explanation, Cam showed me he clearly understood with his response: "Mom, when I open my mouth really wide, I can feel my tonsils." Ahhh....nice. :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, gosh! My eyes are watering from laughing so hard over Cam's response t your lecture. :)