Monday, October 14, 2013


Recently Chris and I had a funny text exchange. Backstory: Chris is still working really hard on eating more healthy and losing weight. He still attends bootcamp regularly (it is unreal the kinds of exercises they do...I think I would throw up if I tried) and, most of the time, eats pretty much what I prepare for him.

It has been a slow process (sometimes slower to the point of being super frustrating for him), but compared to several years ago, he has lost quite a bit of weight. Take a look at this picture...

And then this one. Yes, it's a little funny that I chose one where he is holding the mother of all hamburgers, but I think you can really see the change in his face and chest in how much he has lost. :)

Anyway, to our texts (he was at church):

Chris: I would give my pinkie for a breakfast burrito right now.
Me: I'm sorry! :( U have 2 snacks.
Chris: Eating almonds now
Me: I think there is a granola bar in the front pocket of your backpack
Chris: Does it have bacon, hash browns, cheese and eggs?
Me: Focus on 2morrow (his birthday)...peanut butter pasta & bread, bread, bread, bread. washed down with german chocolate cheesecake.
Me: Oh...and remind me again who got a comment on how different they looked this past weekend? & who just gained a pair of jeans in their closet cuz some older ones now fit better??



Jessica said...

Wow, that's a huge difference!!

Anonymous said...

Boy, is it ever! There are two pictures on my hall wall that show the big change too.

I am more than impressed at how long he's stuck with this. It's a hard thing--I KNOW!