Thursday, October 17, 2013

neighborhood kids

*Yesterday we tried a third Costco in attempts to find Kendall's Christmas dress she needs for her ballet performance coming up. No such luck. I'm afraid she'll be the only one without a matching dress (seems they don't carry above a 4T in this particular one).

At least it wasn't a wasted trip as I had to get a few things:

Why TWO boxes of Skinny Cows? They were on sale and are pretty much a staple in our house similar to cheese or eggs (despite the fact that I'm the only one who eats them). :) Since they would be bought at some point, I figured why not save $5 and get two.

*The kids and I decorated for Chris' birthday dinner on Tuesday. I cannot tell you how excited they were for the decorating, to hide and surprise him when he got home, and to give him his new shirt. It was really sweet.

*I've always wanted to toast pumpkin seeds after carving our pumpkin. We did it this year and while it was a fun process, we were NOT impressed by the taste. :)

*When Cam was young, I never had playdates. They were overwhelming for him making it stressful and discouraging for me.  One of his IEP goals used to be, "will play for 5 minutes with another child". This seemed SOO unattainable! I was thinking back on this the past few days when he (as well as Kendall) has invited the neighborhood kids over to play. Just yesterday he played with another little boy for a solid hour (complete with back and forth conversation the entire time...which is HUGE!). Love it. Love, love, love it. :)


Anonymous said...

I love, love, love it too!!!!

What angle have you come up with to tell Kendall why she has a different dress? :)

Jessica said...

That's such awesome progress with Cam!!

I actually love roasted pumpkin seeds. Did you flavor them at all? They need lots of salt :)