Sunday, October 27, 2013

weekend snipits

Saturday we went to a pumpkin carving event at a local park:

That afternoon I made the yummiest bars I've made in a loooong time: Cookie Dough Brownies. Holy cow.

That evening we had a couple of friends from Chris' bootcamp class over for dinner. I made chicken enchiladas. For dessert I made a trifle. Each time I make one I'm reminded at how EASY they are for how beautiful they look. This one had chocolate cake, vanilla pudding, and cool whip:

Today after church we headed to Costco for a few groceries and some new panties for Kendall. She was quite excited and wanted to hold them the whole time there and the ride home. :)

Since we were near Ontario Mills, we let the kids roam the Lego store for a while. I love this pic I caught of Cam:

Afterward we went to The Bass Pro Shop to look for a birthday present. They also had a free craft:


Anonymous said...

Don't you just love how excited kids get about mundane things like new underwear???

Jessica said...

You always find fun little things to do :)

I've never been to the Lego store, is it in O Mills?