Monday, October 28, 2013

iced coffee

This past month I've found myself a little too lenient with money spent on coffee drinks. Starbucks hasn't entered the picture, however spending $1.50-$2.00 on an iced coffee (McDonald's) or hot French Vanilla (gas station) happened more than it should. A couple times a week of those adds up and I'm mad at myself for caving as much as I have.

Anyway, I remembered Pioneer Woman had a super easy recipe for iced coffee. I just made my first batch and it was very easy (although a bit messy...which I just need to perfect) and really yummy!! I need to play with the ratio a bit, but otherwise I'm excited to have a practically free answer to my cravings. :)

On an unrelated note, I've bragged a lot about how great our library is. I've realized that it's the kids' portion that is so awesome. The overall selection of books? Not so much. Today was the second time that I've walked in with a list of books I want only to find they have either none of them or one (and it's usually checked out). I really need a good book for my trip to Chicago this weekend. :( Does anyone have the second Hunger Games book they want to loan me?? 


Anonymous said...

No, but I have a good one I just finished reading--Undaunted by Josh McDowell, the true store of his very hard life growing up and his quest to disprove Christianity at the challenge of a small group of Christian students on his community college campus. :)

mooshiemom1 said...

Kelly, have you ever reserved a book ahead of time? I just log in to the San Bernardino County system, find a book, reserve it, and tell it to send the book to my branch. If you're in Riverside Co, I bet they have that, too.

Kelly said...

Our library is not a county they don't do any inter-library transfers (except for a fee of $5) :( Thanks for the idea, though. :)

Jessica said...

I have it on my Kindle... I could lend it if you have a Kindle.

I'll have to try some of that iced coffee :)

Anonymous said...

Oops, that first comment is from me. :)

Sames Blogs said...

Kelly, it might be worth it to get a San Bernardino County Library card from the Yucaipa or Highland library, then you can reserve books from San Bernardino AND Riverside County, to pick up in Yucaipa. You can check out a TON of books at a time and renew them up to 9 times. I usually get several books at once (worth my trip to pick up) and when I get down to the last one, I reserve several more. Then drop off the old ones when I pick up the new ones. I am never out of books.