Sunday, February 23, 2014


*Yesterday we went out to OC to hang out with our friends, Jeremy and Ana. We had a fun time at a park near their house.

On the way back we hit Costco as we had quite a hefty list. When we were done I went to get myself a latte freeze. Can I ask again why people need to take their entire cart into an already crowded food court line? I get it if you have a kid inside, however it's actually quite easy to park it nearby and keep an eye on it while you wait. :)

*Today we had an issue with Cam and his iPhone. It's just an old phone of Chris' that we let him use for pictures, writing notes, recording, etc. However despite it not having internet, somehow it is able to dial 911. A couple months back he dialed it and later told us. We knew he knew better (confirmed by the guilty way in which he confessed), so he got his phone taken away for a few days. Well, he did it again today and despite his telling us that he didn't mean to, he no longer has the phone....for good. He was to the sobbing/hard to catch breath stage of crying and it was not fun to see. Luckily he finally snapped out of it.

*This was posted on a blog I follow. So true!!

*A few times when I've been in the area, I've stopped by Cafe Rio and ordered two tortillas. They are only 95 cents and are the most heavenly things on earth. I make burritos out of them for Chris and I later that night using stuff we already have at home. Suspicious of how divine they were, a while back I did a little research and found out that one tortilla alone is 420 calories. Holy cow! I wish I could say this stopped us from getting them again... :)

Just putting that picture there makes my mouth water. Seriously these things are amazing.

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Anonymous said...

420 calories??!! You've got to be kidding! Are you sure? :(