Monday, February 3, 2014


Yesterday was a very low key and fun Superbowl afternoon. My parents came over to watch the game as well as celebrate my dad's birthday.

Here we are at appetizer time. 
(this came out really bad quality, but you get the idea)

The menu included mozzarella sticks, chips and guacamole, and my favorite, cinnamon tortilla chips. I first had these at my last moms' group and loved them. I can't believe how easy and yummy they are!

When the game was nearing its end, we brought out the birthday cake. As you can see there are two pieces missing. Chris and I decided the night before that it needed to be sampled to make sure it was good. ;) I've decided my specialty has become any kind of cake and cheesecake combo. This recipe was divine. It was an Oreo crust layered with cheesecake, ganache (this made it!), chocolate cake, and German chocolate frosting. Yum!! I altered the recipe a tad but I will make this again!

Chris' bootcamp class held a contest in which certain exercises had to be completed during the game (i.e. 20 burpees every touch down, etc.). You had to snap a pic of yourself and submit it to their Facebook page. Chris decided to have a little fun with it. Here he is doing a push up while Cameron fed him a chip and guacamole. Probably not quite what they had in mind! Hehe!


Anonymous said...

What a FUN day it was!! From the moment we left the car and followed the signs like, "This way to the fun," "This way to the party"...all the way to the "glorious" dessert.

And, of course, as a Seattle boy, Dad was happy the Sea Hawks won!


Anonymous said...

So who won the contest? :o)