Wednesday, February 19, 2014


*Last night I made these again and remembered how yummy they were!! No, my kids didn't ask for seconds, but they did gobble them up without complaint with the help of a little ranch for dipping. I even halved the cheese and used ground oats for the bread crumbs!

*It was too beautiful of a day to come straight home from school, so we made a stop on the way and took a nice hike.

*This afternoon the kids were playing "clubhouse" with some other neighbor kids. Kendall will often come home with prizes she won. Today she came home with this t-shirt. 

Later, after telling her she could wear it as a PJ shirt only, she said, "Mommy, when you said that boy doesn't make good choices, do you mean like he tells his mom he won't take a bath when she says he needs to?" Ahhhh....if only that was the kind of "not good choices in life" we were talking about. Ha!

Sidenote: Yes, I think Kendall could have come home with a far worse artist, but let's be honest, I think age 4 is a little young for a Belieber. :)


Anonymous said...

What did Chris think about the broccoli cheese patties?

Chris Petinak said...

what did Chris think about the broccoli cheese patties? I thought better of them than that ridiculous shirt with the picture of the girl on it.

Jen Scholte said...

HAHAHA!!! Sweet Kendall! I love how their little minds think. If only...