Sunday, February 9, 2014


This weekend my nieces came to stay with us for a couple nights. To say the cousins (on both sides) were looking forward to this is a huge understatement! They had a BLAST the entire weekend and while doubling the number of kids in our house meant a big increase in the noise level, it was well worth it just to see how well they got along and how much they enjoyed one another. :)

Saturday morning Chris left early for a football game out in OC with some college friends. I was glad when he returned not only in one piece, but with no injuries! :) 

While he was gone, I took the kids hiking in Oak Glen. I had winter gear packed to the brim however once we arrived, we quickly realized not only was it not needed, we didn't even need jackets!

That afternoon we had a Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs II movie party followed by dinner and a trip to frozen yogurt.

Since I wasn't able to clean bootcamp yesterday morning, we stopped by on our way home from dropping my nieces off. The kids actually love going to bootcamp with me, which helps me not feel guilty when I have to bring Kendall along every week. I have to admit that for a kid, running around an empty mirrored room with big bouncy balls would be pretty fun!

Guess who got a hair cut last week? I think it just highlights his handsome face. :)

While our weekend was super fun, Chris and I are very ready for a night of relaxing with kids IN BED!!! Come bedtime, come!! :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, my!!! Auntie Kelly outdid herself with this fun weekend! So glad they had a great time. Such a blessing to have cousins.

Jessica said...

What a fun aunt you are :) it's so much fun when cousins can be together and enjoy one another :)

Susan said...

Oh you are such a fun auntie!! Just wait and you can have more little nieces to play with! =)