Tuesday, February 18, 2014

another fun weekend

Yesterday we got back from a long weekend up at Chris' parents'. As always, we had lots of relaxing, plenty of yummy food (which I didn't have to make...something I always realize I take for granted when we return home), and good times with his family.

On Saturday Chris' mom took the kids to the new Lego movie. They really enjoyed it (his mom did too!) and the kids loved being able to get popcorn (apparently that is a big deal to them as they told me several times how grandma ALWAYS gets them popcorn...unlike their stick n' the mud parents). :)

That evening Chris and I went out to celebrate Valentines. We stopped at Target on the way to get a wallet. Chris had  bought me one the day before and while I loved the look of it, the pockets weren't quite to my liking (I'm picky about how many and how they are laid out). After asking two young girls if this one seemed "old lady'ish", I got the go ahead. :) Then Chris and I enjoyed a yummy dinner at a restaurant neither of us had ever been to.

Sunday was golf for the boys and hanging out/playing for us at home. That evening Chris' aunt Noonie and Deb joined us for dinner and to stay the night. Here they are the next morning before our trip to IHOP.

After breakfast (and an unbelievable amount of pancakes consumed by Kendall) we headed back and were quite pooped by the end of our day. :)

p.s. Chris' bootcamp is holding a plank challenge where they have to take pics of themselves in creative situations doing planks. Cam was quite nervous in this picture not having anything to hold onto. :)

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Anonymous said...

So when does Chris win the prize for THAT photo?! :)

You're so blessed to have those wonderful weekends up at Grandma and Grandpa's house!