Thursday, February 13, 2014

happy valentines

*Today was a Valentines party at the library. Here is Cam participating in a contest of stacking the most candy hearts.

*Dear Healthcare: How should I go about solidifying our plan when I CAN'T GET THROUGH TO ANYONE on your phones?

*After dropping Kendall off at preschool playgroup this morning, I treated myself to an iced coffee from Jack n' the Box. I've decided it surpasses McDonald's. So yummy.

*I just discovered Netflix has all the seasons of Felicity. Give me a Saturday with no kids and I could go to town! :)

*Heard about this on Dr. Laura. Take a second and read that article title again. This was in Middle School!!! Can my kids please not grow up in this culture?

*The kids are excited for a Valentines scavenger hunt I'm putting together for tomorrow morning. As I was putting Kendall down tonight she said, "Mom, I used to think Valentines was just a boring ol' day for loving people. But now I know we get presents, candy, and scavenger hunts!!!" :)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the "boring ol' day for loving people!" hahahaha!!! =)

Susan =)

Susan said...

And even more do I love that I don't have to type in those AWFUL codes to comment anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Susan =)