Thursday, April 17, 2014


Well, I'm 35 today. As Chris put it...I'm only 15 years from age 20...but also 15 years from age 50. Wow. :)

This afternoon, per my request, I got away for a couple of hours while the kids and Chris prepared my birthday meal. I started out reading at Starbucks and ended up at Kohl's. I didn't buy anything as today's shopping trip was one we all have experienced; when nothing looks good and you leave a tad depressed. However I quickly perked up upon entering my house which smelled wonderful and had fun posters hung around the kitchen. The most memorable being a huge picture of a rat from Kendall. Not sure about the significance of the rat, nor it's 20 legs. :)

After dinner we headed to Frugo's for frozen yogurt.

Just my kind of birthday night. :)


Ana said...

Happy birthday friend!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe my baby is 35!!! You are an amazing blessing to me...oops, I'm tearing up just writing that. Happy,happy birthday, Sweetie. Looking forward to celebrating with you in a couple of weeks.
Love you,
Your "surprise" birthday from the kids and Chris sounds perfect!