Sunday, April 6, 2014

no more street

*The kids played most of Saturday with the neighbors. After seeing them not look both ways too many times, they are now banished from street riding for a while. They weren't fans of the new rule.

*Last night my parents came over for dinner and to watch Gravity. I was the only one that wasn't THAT impressed. It was good, but not great.

*Kendall came waltzing downstairs this morning in her choice of church attire. I gently informed her my black boots should really stay at home. 

I prefer the outfit I chose. :)

*This was another failed attempt at homemade iced coffee. I had a sip before we left and thought it was okay (hence my smile)...but after a few more sips I decided it wasn't even worth finishing. Can Jack n' the Box really have THAT top secret of a recipe that I can't even duplicate it?? :(

*Yesterday when I worked out I actually turned the sound off of the TV and plugged in Dr. Laura (on my iPod) to the stereo. Since I know the DVD pretty much by heart (I only rotate a few DVD's), I didn't need the instructor's prompts. Listening to Dr. Laura made the time go by much faster. :)


Anonymous said...

Hmmm, I wonder if Kendall considers Nana and Papa the final "snitches" to her not looking both ways that brought on the "no street" rule. :)

Dinner and a movie night--how fun!!!


Jessica said...

I too prefer your outfit choice :)

Curious how you made your iced coffee and what you didn't like about it. There has to be an easy way to duplicate your favorite coffee... Hmmmm.