Friday, April 25, 2014

french fried onions

*It's no surprise when celebrity couples divorce, but I was kind of bummed when I heard that Dean McDermott had cheated on Tori Spelling. For some reason I've always kind of liked her/them. I'm watching her TrueTori show which follows them through the counseling process. It's sad and interesting at the same time.

*I've discovered that a few french fried onions goes a long way. I sprinkle just a tiny bit on Chris' chicken wraps or vegetables and it adds so much flavor.

*Yesterday I redeemed my free birthday drink from Starbucks. I didn't even get the largest size and it was still $5. Wow. My drink: Grande upside down skinny soy caramel macchiato.

*Paid my second "lost book fine" in two months today. It kills me to do this but I turned our house upside down and could not find it anywhere. But it's either pay it or not check out books anymore. So pay it I did. Ugh.

*Kendall has been abnormally difficult this past week. She's showing a lot more snotty attitude and I'm not a fan of it. However I did discover what "does it" for her as far as consequences. The other day she yelled at Cameron so I told her she couldn't play with the quadruplets (who live across the street) for the rest of the day. Wow did that NOT go over well. :)

*We are headed up north to visit my in-laws today. :)

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