Monday, April 21, 2014

He is risen!

We had such a nice Easter. Sunday morning we went through the set of Resurrection Eggs I had made at my moms' group on Friday. I can't believe I had never heard of these! The kids LOVED them and it was such a meaningful + fun way to go through the Easter story :)

After that was church.

After church we met my parents as well as Chris' brother's family at a park for a picnic. The kids always get very, very, very, very excited to see their cousins. :)

Here are the dads playing a game of baseball. My sweet mom suggested we get a whole family game going. Mom of the year declined and told her I was quite content to sit in the shade and talk while the dads played. :)

We got home in the late afternoon and Chris and I were pooped. After the kids went to bed, we started the second episode of Walking Dead. Chris is convinced I'm going to like it as much as Breaking Bad. So'm on the fence. I'm not willing to rule it out, but I sure could do without the insanely gross zombie scenes. :)

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Teresa DiMillo said...

I wasn't sold on the Walkibg Dead until maybe like the 3-4th episode, now I'm hooked. We also watch Talking dead after the episodes. It's sooo good. I agree with Chris, I liked it just as much as Breaking Bad. Give it a chance!