Thursday, April 3, 2014

"chicken" sliders

*This morning Kendall and I went on a bike ride. She seems to be more into longer distances than Cam so I thought I'd test her out. :) Granted we took a few breaks, but she road over four miles! :)

*I've decided this iced coffee addiction has got to least buying them. :) Yesterday at Walmart I bought myself a cute straw cup and some syrup to make another attempt at creating them from home. We'll see!

*Today we went to Costco and had a sample that not only did I go nuts over, but the kids were begging me to buy. Ready? Vegan "chicken" sliders. Yep! They were AMAZING!!! The kids wanted to go back for a second sample (I was tempted). I was so mad Chris wasn't with us because I know he would have liked them. I just know it. :)

They were $10 for 12 sliders, so I passed up on the purchase. But I'll be honest and say that I'm kind of regretting my decision.

*Yesterday while the kids were upstairs and I was downstairs:
Cam: Kendall, you want to know something? I told Emerson at school that sometimes you can be really annoying.
Kendall: Mom!!!
Me: I heard Kendall.
Kendall: But mom, I want to tell you what he said so you can REALLY hear!!!
Me: I heard! He said he told a friend you were annoying!
Kendall: Ugh!!!!

Sidenote: I probably didn't handle that in the best way, but to be honest, she had been a little stinker to him all afternoon and I was also annoyed. :)

*Dinner tonight: Chinese Chicken Salad.
I've never given the kids salad as the main course, so we'll see what happens. :)


Jessica said...

I wish Alayna would ride her bike like that! She'd rather look at plants :) I love my coffee drinks that I make.

Anonymous said...

Four miles--way to go, Kendall!

Teresa DiMillo said...

Is Kendall riding on two wheels, as in no training wheels? 4miles??? That's impressive! Good job, Kendall. Todd needs to get on the bike riding thing. He has has to teach the kids AND me. I never learned how to ride.