Monday, March 31, 2014


*I have been keeping an eye out for one of these things for a while and finally came across it at Costco. It's a big, brightly colored plastic guy with a "Slow" sign in his hand. We have TONS of kids playing on our block and cars are frequently driving too fast for my liking.

In the pic above, Chris had gone out to chat with a pouting Kendall. She had been sitting on the curb, face down in her arms due to the fact that one of her neighbor friends was riding the bike she wanted (which was actually HIS bike, ha!). I thought this was such a sweet picture of her explaining her side of things to daddy. :)

*Both Chris and I have been really struggling with working out lately. We just simply don't want to. Period.

*We introduced Chris to "Frozen" yesterday afternoon. I can't believe we actually found a copy available at Redbox. It was better than he had thought and now he can picture the scenes of the songs Kendall is always belting out.

*I finally found a book that I'm really enjoying right now. Actually it's completely fascinating. It's called Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and my Harrowing Escape. The author is the niece of the current leader of Scientology. The rituals, rules, beliefs are so interesting and SOOO sad to read about.

*Tonight's dinner:
Meatloaf and veggies


Teresa DiMillo said...

I wish I would have known you were looking for one of those "slow people" I have FOUR!! I bought 2 a while back and my brother gave me two. Frozen is a permanent staple in our house. We all know it by heart, Todd included. I've been struggling with working out as well, which is really ironic since Todd is suddenly all about it. Talk about a major role reversal. The picture of Kendall and Chris is really cute.

Anonymous said...

Love the "slow" sign...and I can just hear Kendall's explanation, complete with hand gestures...

okay, I've GOT to see Frozen--I feel downright unAmerican not having seen it...

while you're on a work-out hiatus, try this: buy this song on your computer, "Still the One" by Orleans, put it on and walk around your house to it the whole song. Heartbeat will be up & some good calories burned.