Monday, March 10, 2014

potato bug

*I bought a bag of broccoli slaw last week planning a stir-fry night. That never happened so I used it tonight to make a really yummy salad. I threw the bag in a bowl and topped it with a mixture of mayo, rice vinegar, and sugar. I threw in some green onions and raisins and got rave reviews from the kids AND Chris!! :)

*Lately I've been in love with Pandora's "Frank Sinatra" station. It plays the best music...Dean Martin, Michael Buble, Nat King Cole...

*Yesterday was Chris and my 12 year anniversary. Just typing that makes me feel so old! :) We are planning on celebrating in a couple weeks. I feel like I've bragged on Chris in past birthday posts, so I won't repeat myself but to say I have absolutely no complaints about the best husband EVER!! :)

*Here is Kendall's "house" for a potato bug she found. I gave her this carton after she poured water/mud into a brown lunch bag, not realizing paper bags don't really hold water well. :)

*Went to the doc today and got the green light to do nothing about my umbilical hernia.  Looks like it's fine. I was hoping I wouldn't need surgery (well, actually I WOULD like to get it fixed but not if I have pay for it...maybe someday).

*Tonight's dinner question: What does everyone think Cameron should be when he grows up? Kendall? What if mommy weren't a mommy and daddy weren't a graphic designer...what should we be? :) Fun answers did ensue.


Jessica said...

I'm impressed your kids ate the slaw.
I love jazz music. It stems from my days of playing the saxophone in jazz band :) Matt and I have been to a few jazz clubs, so fun.

Sames Blogs said...

Oh, that is my FAVORITE station. Mine is called Michael Buble. Listen to it every morning I walk Monte.

The name of your post worried me, when I saw POTATO BUG and then a picture of coleslaw... "ummm, what is she going to write about? Did she figure out a way to make them yummy for the kids?"

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's so funny. That "broccoli slaw plus other stuff" salad is my new current favorite too. Except I put balsamic vinaigrette on mine...and sunflower seeds. Super crunchy!!

And so funny too that my Frank Sinatra station on Pandora is one of my favorites too! Hmmm, are we related?

Hey, Jessica, I don't think Frank Sinatra is considered jazz. :) But I'm having fun picturing you playing your mellow saxophone jazz.