Saturday, March 29, 2014

iced coffee, iced coffee, iced coffee

Two things you did last night:
-Watched a Parks and Rec...this show ALWAYS makes us laugh.
-Tried unsuccessfully to find a new book to read on my Kindle. I cannot find a good one.

Two things you ate today:
-Pretzels and Wheat Thins TOGETHER. For some reason I love the taste of them at the same time.

Three things you are going to do tomorrow: 
Church, go out to lunch with my parents, clean bootcamp room

Your favorite beverages: 
Iced coffee, iced coffee, iced coffee :)

Two things that have made you smile in the last 24 hours
-Watching Felicity, which I'm doing right now. Chris took the kids to the park and lunch so I could have some down time which for me, equals a little of the best show ever! :)
-We've had a gift card to iTunes for who knows how long. I had Chris buy the Frozen soundtrack. I got two huge smiles when I played it. :)

One thing you wish you wouldn't have wasted TV time on:
There isn't a lot of wasted time on TV since we got rid of cable. We have to be pretty intentional in what we watch since we choose it from Netflix and Hulu. While I miss my Foodnetwork (and let's be honest, a little Bravo here and there), I guess it's actually a good thing because I watch less TV overall.

Two things you will do today:
-Take Kendall and a friend to a birthday party. 
-Maybe treat myself to an iced coffee?? ;)

p.s. Want to know what the two best selling items from the Costco bakery are? Their jumbo muffins and croissants. I only mention that because I bought some croissants yesterday as part of a meal I'm bringing a friend. I forgot how absolutely amazing and sinful they are. :)


Jessica said...

Alayna chowed her croissant, she'd agree :) They were yummy!

Iced coffee is also a favorite for me :)

I just finished a book I enjoyed, let me go online and see if it's one that I can lend.

Parks and Recreation is one of our favorites too :)

Anonymous said...

How funny! A few years ago, iced coffee would have been one of the last things I'd expect you to like.