Friday, March 21, 2014


*This week Kendall checked out a book at the library on cupcake decorating. She was dead set on making it happen. Later in the week we headed to Winco and I let them each pick out a few pieces of various candies (that's why I love bulk bins) to decorate the cupcakes. In this pic she is holding the cupcake book she insisted on bringing into the store.

*Wednesdays at a local movie theater are $2 movie days. Chris took the kids to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman, which Chris gave a 10!

*When Chris was in AZ with his dad, they got dessert one night at a place which sold frozen custard. He raved and raved about it. Why hasn't it caught on here?? :(

*Cameron gets computer time between when Kendall goes to bed and he goes to bed. He loves to look at old pictures and videos on the computer. Why is it that I get emotional just looking at pictures of my kids when they were babies? It's not like they aren't still little. I guess they just aren't THAT little anymore and I'll never get THAT period back. :)

*This morning the kids and I joined my parents for a bike ride along the Santa Ana River Trail. While we didn't go too far, it was fun for the kids. Especially fun was starting and ending our ride at Fairmont Park in Riverside. This park has got to have the coolest play area I've been to. The kids looooved it. :)

p.s. I sure would like to go on that bike path by myself or with someone else and actually go for a while. It's such a nice ride and would be fun to tackle a long distance.


Jessica said...

There's a frozen custard place in Redlands! I've driven by it but never been, I've heard great things. We should check it out sometime for an outing :)

I'd love to ride that trail with you! I haven't taken a bike ride without kids since before having them. Matt and I used to ride several times a week when it was just the two of us :)
That park looks super fun! Is there a lake there too?

Teresa DiMillo said...

I totally understand you getting emotional looking at old pictures, I think all moms do. It's normal. That park looks super fun! I know there is a frozen custard place in Riverside, I didn't know there was one in Redlands, that's something we need to check out, for sure!