Sunday, March 23, 2014


Yesterday we celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary. After dropping the kids off with my parents, we first ran a few errands. Actually Chris dropped me off at a Starbucks so he could go find a few things for softball. It was soooo relaxing for me to just sit and read for almost an hour. I'm loving the book I'm reading called Silver Like Dust. So good.

We then headed to a restaurant we had heard about several times over the years, Russo's. I had puchased a Groupon a couple months back and we were excited to try it. Um...our experiences differed by a lot. Chris gave his Fettucini Alfredo a 9.5. I gave my Pasta Primavera a 4. Since he doesn't consider pasta with vegetables a "real" meal, he blamed my choice for my dislike. :) Oh well, it was still fun to try a new place. :)

(sorry it's so dark)

The kids actually spent the night at my parents and we both slept in until 7:45. Oh the bliss. :) After church and retrieving our kiddos we headed out to the desert since it was beautiful weather.

The park they did their scooter riding at was holding an Arts and Opera Festival. While we didn't browse the booths too much, I did stumble across this little gem. Considering my boy's love of his Lego VW Bug set, I knew we had to snap a picture. :)

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