Saturday, March 8, 2014

our afternoon

This morning was a pretty lazy morning. Once 11:30 came, the fun began. Kendall was invited to a neighbor's birthday. She could barely keep still she was so excited. This party was the kind that made you feel like the most non-creative mom ever. :) It was beautiful, detailed, and Kendall adored every minute.

While we were at the party, Chris and Cameron went to Toys R' Us. Cameron had saved enough Christmas money/allowance to purchase a new Lego set. He had been doing research for a while as to which set he would buy.  Afterward, he and Chris played some miniature golf.

After the party, I was reading Kendall some books when I looked down and discovered she had fallen asleep. She has NEVER done this before and it was just too sweet.

Soon after she woke we met Chris and Cameron at Spaghetti Factory for dinner. I had a giftcard we had yet to use and our meal didn't disappoint (Mizithra = best pasta dish ever). Before our food came, the kids got a couple of fun balloon hats made. Cam's was enormous. :)

PS. I'm happy to report my eggplant experiment was a success with myself and the kids.  Um...not so much with Chris. In fact, after asking him for a rating, he declined to comment. :) I made what I called "Veggie Fries" (since Eggplant could sound sketchy to kids). I used this recipe and dipping in ranch really helped the kids gobble them up.

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Jessica said...

Those eggplant sticks look yummy to me! Of course I do love eggplant :)

That's fun that the kids got balloon hats at S.F! The mizithra is definitely the best thing there, that stuff is so yummy. I wonder if you can buy it at a store around here? In all of my purchases of gourmet cheese I have never come across that kind.

Cute how Kendall fell asleep on you :) I don't think my kids have ever done that either.