Sunday, March 16, 2014

pictures from the weekend

Chris had a great time with his dad at Spring Training this weekend. They got to see two games, go out to yummy restaurants, and relax. :)

I wanted to make it a fun weekend since daddy was gone, so Saturday morning started out with a bike ride to their favorite donut shop. Kendall chose a new and deluxe flavor, Red Velvet.

Later I watched the kids of a friend of mine for the day. We first went hiking in Oak Glen. They all had a blast, as did I.

Building a dam:

Each night I was swallowed in this, relaxing and watching my Hunger Games movie (very well done, by the way...very much like the book).


Anonymous said...

Building a dam. Of Course!!! The perfect "important" project!

Glad Chris & Wayne had such a great trip.

Jessica said...

Thanks again for taking my kids, it was such a nice afternoon :) The dam was the favorite part for both my kids :)