Tuesday, April 8, 2014

bread cones

*Well, hello summer weather! It's so nice of you to visit! :)

*Four years ago one of Cam's goals on his IEP was to play with another child for five solid minutes. This seemed SOOO unattainable to me. So how much do I love looking out our back window today at our little guy who had been playing for over an HOUR with one of our neighbor kids?? :) Love it.

*Friday is a big day for Chris. It's the start of the Masters. :) He is going over to a friend's house to get his fill of golf and asked me to make some treats. I'm making my all time favorite brownie recipe my SIL gave me years ago....Hershey's Best Brownies Recipe.

*Jobs just came out on Netflix so Chris and I watched the first half last night. Despite it getting horrible reviews, we both are finding it really interesting.

*My latest Pin, Bread Cones. How cool are these??


Jessica said...

Still one of my favorite Brownie recipes as well, you gave it to me years ago :)

Cam has come so far! That is so great :)

I was wondering if that Jobs movie was good, I'd heard it was boring.

Anonymous said...

Kelly!!!! We make these bread sticks here on a stick over a fire!! They are called "Stuckbrot" !! Crazy! You can fill them with nutella, honey, etc. =)
-Susan =)