Thursday, June 25, 2015

camp tlc

Tomorrow is our last day of Camp TLC (our church's version of Vacation Bible School). This will be my 4th year teaching, "Cupcake Creations". This year was the first time one of the kids took my class. Cameron loved it and I enjoyed having him. :)

Each morning, every child gets to run through a line of cheering teens (the camp counselors) giving high fives. This isn't the best picture, but you can see the excitement on Kendall's face. :)

Before the day begins, the kids get to play outside. Kendall loved teaching herself to jump-rope.

Here was my and Cam's favorite creation of the week. It actually wasn't a cupcake, but our oven was too cute nonetheless. :)

Cameron has belt testing this Saturday. We were so impressed with him because for the past three nights, after 9 hours of Camp TLC, he went to Taekwando. He really wants to be ready for Saturday. What at trooper!

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Anonymous said...

So glad that the kids are having such a great time at Camps TLC!!! And I do hope that Cameron passes his TaeKwonDo test tomorrow.

Your cupcake class is so cute! I'm always amazed at the awesome classes offered.