Saturday, June 27, 2015


*When it comes to money, Cameron is my saver and Kendall is my spender. Recently Cameron had saved up enough to purchase an Altimeter (device that tells you your elevation). He is VERY excited to use it on our next hike. Today after we got it working, we tested it out and drove up the road to see it change. :)

*I hate the original Goldfish crackers, but I LOVE the flavored ones. I was quite happy when Chris came home today with S'mores (my favorite) for our road trip tomorrow.

*We lasted three minutes with the movie, Wild. Too much nudity. Bummer. With all the hiking we have been doing, I think I would have loved all the shots of the Pacific Crest Trail. :(

*The other day Cam got specific with me as far as how breastfeeding works. When I finished my explanation he said, "Mom! That's not fair to you! It's like you are a grocery store for the baby!" :) to Pismo for a week with Chris' family!! So excited :)


Ana said...

Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my word. What a funny comment about the grocery store!