Thursday, June 4, 2015


*Last Saturday Cameron was especially excited for our hike with my dad. My parents had bought him a Camelbak backpack so he could carry his own water. It worked great and I loved not having to carry his water!! :)

*I've felt badly for a while that Kendall didn't have an activity like Cam has Taekwando. She's wanted for a loooong time to take gymnastics, however it has been both too expensive and too far away. Recently I found a basic little class right up the road. We found there are a few girls she knows who also attend. Yesterday was her first class. She LOVED it.

*After her class, we headed up to a park for a picnic with my family. My dad recently purchased a new camera. We set it on a tripod and were able to get some pretty decent pictures! :)

After the pictures, Chris and Chris practiced corn hole since they have a tournament coming up at a church down the street. :)


Jessica said...

Good job on all the kids smiling for that group picture!

Have you ever tried ladder ball? That's a fun game too, Matt and I want to pick that up (along with Corn hole).

That's great about the gymnastics! I'm curious if Alayna would enjoy it or not, I should ask her.

Anonymous said...

Ouuu, a great post! THE big hike, the first gymnastics, the family pictures and those two formidable-looking cornhole contenders!