Friday, June 19, 2015

change of plans

Yesterday was supposed to be our big hike up the San Gorgonio mountain (not the whole thing) with my dad. Cameron had been super excited. As we were rushing out the door, Chris mentioned a huge fire he had just read about. Turns out it was right in the area we were supposed to hike. Shoot. Cameron was REALLY disappointed. I scrambled to try and find another hike we could do. We finally agreed on one we had done many times before, but had never gone farther than a certain point. I convinced him that going higher would get him his "strenuous" hike (which is what he always wants).

The hike turned out to be awesome and all three of us agreed that the last 1/3 was harder than most hikes we've done! Score!

*This morning the kids and I took my HUGE list to Winco. I'm teaching cupcake decorating at our church's VBS next week and needed tons of supplies.

First we stopped at Panera. :)

Cameron loved checking everything off my list.

*Tonight Chris and I rented Wild. I loved the book and am anxious to see how the movie measures up.

*I made a batch of Chris' all time favorite cookies today for Father's Day.


Ana said...

The book was better. Isn't it always?! ;)

Jessica said...

Matt and I hiked up to the top at Wildwood one time when we had a date day!