Thursday, June 11, 2015

filling our days

The best thing about summer is having a blank slate for every day. That can also be the hardest thing about summer. :)

Today we had zero plans. Last night I was searching the internet for ideas to fill our day. I finally decided on a Lego themed day. We started off by riding our bikes to the donut shop (we went to one further away so as to extend the outing time!). Afterward, I dumped all their Legos in the living room and they each were to create something. It's amazing how exciting you can make an old activity when you simply put it in a different location in the house and blast some Pandora Disney. :)

Cameron's "Titanic":

Our Lego day continued with, "Lego Challenge" at our library. The kids were instructed to make different things (spell their name in Legos, make a maze, etc.). They loved it!! Here is Cam presenting his creation to the group. to plan tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

How about a treasure hunt around the neighborhood gathering things like:
--a rock that's with 3 feet of a mailbox
--a leaf that's fallen to the ground and isn't torn
--a paper clip from a neighbor
--a piece of paper from a neighbor

Jessica said...

Fun! I have a huge list of stuff I'd like to do but Everett makes it a little challenging this year :) I'm enjoying not driving back and forth to school or having our day revolve around school!

Jessica said...

Maybe you could do a train day :)