Thursday, October 22, 2015

bacon salad

*I finished, Killing Patton a few days ago and now am reading, Killing Lincoln. These are such great books.

*I went for my yearly "woman check" today. Now that I'm 36 (and considering my family history), I need to start the yearly mammogram thing. I feel old.

*I think I've realized why Parenthood is SOOOO good. Even if you have never gone through what the characters go through, you find yourself thinking, "I would react the exact same way!".

*Costco trip yesterday:
-String Cheese
-Greek Yogurt
-Sour Cream (Chris and I are the only ones who eat sour cream but we have no problem polishing off this enormous size!)
-English Muffins
-Almond Butter
-Shredded Cheese

*Today I took the kids to a park after school for a picnic. It's been too long since we've been to a park. I miss the days when this was a daily occurrence.

*Chris saw this picture on Facebook and we laughed. This is definitely his kind of salad. :)

*I can't believe Halloween is in a week!


Anonymous said...

So for your cauliflower you get at Costco, is it a bag of fresh and already cut up like the broccoli?

Jessica said...

I miss tthe days where the park was a daily occurrence too!

Jessica said...
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