Thursday, October 29, 2015

sick kid

*I've officially decided that carving a pumpkin is NOT my favorite thing. The kids are super excited about picking it out and drawing the face, however it ends there. Mom has to actually scoop out the guts and carve while they watch. Not a fan. :)

*This past weekend Cam had his belt testing and advanced to his blue belt!! This was the first of the more difficult level tests he will encounter and we are so proud!

*I went along on Cam's school field trip to the San Diego Safari Park on Tuesday. I LOVE this picture of a bird landing on his head. He thought it was funny...for about a second. He quickly wanted it off. :)

*I had to cancel my sub job for today last night around midnight. Poor Kendall came down with a fever and has been off and on all day (mostly off). I must admit, though, that I loved taking care of her and enjoyed our one on one time. So while I'm bummed she is still not feeling well enough to go to school tomorrow, I'm not too sad that I'll get her to myself another day. :)

p.s. I'm also not that sad that I now don't have to put together a scarecrow costume for her, "Dress like a scarecrow day". Ha!


Jessica said...

I hate carving pumpkins! I avoided it for a few years by letting them paint the pumpkins instead of carving, lol.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'd skip the carving too. Just paint or gluing on jewels or something like that.

Are you sure you didn't fake Kendall's sickness just to get out of the scarecrow costume???? :o)

Hooray for Cameron's blue belt! So proud of him.

Kirk White said...

The joys of being a parent. I love doing fun projects around the house with my kids, but I always find that I have to be the one to do most of the actual work. I always think it's worth it to see that the kids had a good time. Makes up for the times they get sick and aren't having the best of times. It looks like you're going through both sides right now!

Kirk White @ Med Care Pediatric