Saturday, October 3, 2015

magic mt.

For Cam's birthday this past August, we gave him a future trip to Magic Mt. with Chris. Yesterday turned out to be the day and they had a fun time...mostly.

The park was pretty deserted and they were able to walk on most rides. Cameron was obviously eager to dive into the map to figure out where they should go first. :)

The rides were pretty intense and sound like they have escalated in the craziness since I went years ago. They both did relatively well and just needed a few breaks now and then before plowing on to the next extreme ride.

All was well until the last ride of the day (or what ended up being the last ride). While they had previously gone on, "Tatsu", for some reason it did not sit well with Cameron the second time around. Afterward he not only didn't feel well, but lost his appetite (they had planned a fun dinner out to wait out traffic) and just wanted to come home. :(

Luckily by the time they got home, he was much better and has insisted his time wasn't spoiled by that last ride and that he would like to go again sometime. We'll see... :)


Jessica said...

That's how I would be after just one ride! Haha. Glad he at least enjoyed the rest of the day :)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, you probably know my vote on that last idea. :)

Susan T said...

Oh may I never have children who want to go to Six Flags!!!! =)