Monday, October 19, 2015


Yesterday I returned from a women's camping trip with our church. It was such a nice weekend. I drove down with my friend, Teresa, and joined about 45 other women.

My tent mates:

The retreat was a perfect mix of worship, listening to speakers, and free time. On Saturday afternoon, we walked down the beach to the San Clemente pier and had lunch.

Some highlights:
*Hearing from other women, especially older women from our church that I would not otherwise cross paths with. It was so neat to hear their experiences, their takes on scripture, their advice, etc.
*Having all my meals prepared for me!
*Early morning reading. I woke earlier than my tent mates and I loved sneaking out and reading in the early morning. Mornings have always been my favorite times during camping trips.
*Getting to spend two car rides with Teresa, whom I don't get to see as often as I'd like :(
*Having my mom on the trip (she helped run it). It's always so nice to hear other women talk about how much they adore her as much as I do. :)
*Getting fun text updates from Chris. They went to see their cousins on Saturday, which they had been looking forward to for several weeks. :)

On the agenda was a park and the Orange County Auto Show. :)


Anonymous said...

I am SOOOO glad you went on the retreat and enjoyed it so much! Anytime I can be near my girl is happy time for me!

Teresa DiMillo said...

Seriously, I had a great time! I enjoyed spending so mush time with you. It was a wonderful experience for my first camping trip. I loved almost everything about it, the time spent with the Lord, with my camp mates, with different women from all walks of life. I totally could have done without the skunk scare, but everything else was just completely awesome! Thanks for driving!