Thursday, October 8, 2015


2: Hours Cameron and I worked on creating his own board game for school. Wow. We were pooped at the end and he was emotional because he had yet to start his actual homework. I told him to take the afternoon off and finish in the morning. :) School projects + me = Ugh.

5: Season I'm on with Parenthood. I'm sad it's the last.

2: Times the kids got startled/jumped at a Halloween decoration when we visited a Halloween store this past weekend. They love exploring there. I love it too but find myself re-directing often when they get too near the nasty/gory stuff.

25: Percent I've read (according to the Kindle) of, Killing Patton (I had to take a break from, Gone with the Wind because my loan expired). This book is fascinating.

160: The temperature I request my latte to be on Wednesday mornings for my solo coffee date (between school drop-off and Bible Study). I've found I get a better result requesting a specific temperature as opposed to just a, "Can you make it extra hot?".

$40: (speaking of coffee) My guess as to how much this mug will cost. A friend of mine emailed me about it the other day. It actually allows you decide what temp you want your drink to be. Now as to how much I'd be willing to spend if it really works...???
99: Cents per pound I paid for Fuji apples this week. I realized I get far too excited when good apples go on sale. 99 cents per lb. and below...I stock up!!

2: The max number of times I'm willing to get the same sample at Costco. In my defense, I don't get two of all the samples...only the really good ones. :) I don't feel too bad because my dad's rule is three. :)


Jessica said...

Haha, three of the same sample?? I've never even done two! For some reason I can't. Maybe if I was going to buy it or something.

I was so sad when Parenthood ended. One of my all time favorite shows.

I would probably pay $40 for that mug. Although the one you got me from Costco keeps my coffee hotter than any other I've ever tried. I can drink out of it for three hours!

Susan T said...

2 samples - ha! I bet those kiosk folk have some pretty funny stories amongst themselves about customers who come back multiple times. =)