Thursday, October 1, 2015

two front teeth

*I was just beaming today during Cam's sparring class. He had been nervous to go. For a boy who HATES to see people hurt/upset, hitting and kicking do not come naturally. :) Sparring is required to move up in belt levels and today he really turned a corner. He kicked more than I have ever seen. I almost teared up watching him knowing how out of his comfort zone he was, yet still giving it his all.

*Today I surprised the kids after school and treated them to, "dessert for lunch" at Yogurtland.

*Last weekend, when we were at the Palm Desert Costco, I bought a pullover shirt. We went to the mall afterward and I wore it (since malls are always cold!). Holy cow. This thing is the MOST comfortable thing I have bought in years. It is SOOO comfy and I love how it (especially the sleeves) are so long. I'm very much looking forward to wearing it when the weather turns cold!

*Back when I worked full-time, every single morning I would make a bowl of oatmeal and watch Good Morning America before heading off to work. I've gotten back into watching it and while I only watch the first 5-10 minutes (which tend to be the top stories), I enjoy feeling like I actually know what is going on in the world. 

*I've found a strategy that has worked pretty well in dragging myself out of bed in the morning to work out. My two favorite bloggers (#1 and #2) live back east and because of the time difference, their posts are always done super early. I pull out my Kindle and read them, which inevitably wakes me up enough to then get out of bed. :)

*Kendall ended up losing both front teeth last weekend. She looks so different, but so cute!


Anonymous said...

Little Miss Snaggletooth--too cute! And I'm sooo proud of Cameron too. What did he say about the sparring after class?

Susan T said...

Oh man! I wish we could take a "missing top 2 teeth picture" with Kendall and Sierra together!!! =( There's nothing cuter, I'm convinced!