Thursday, December 3, 2015


*So excited that the last season of Parenthood is coming to Netflix this month!

*Advent started in our house a few days ago. The kids were soooo excited. I had stocked up on 99 cent store stuff but this morning was Cameron's favorite so far. I left a note for them which read, "You are invited to a snowball breakfast in the living room". I gave them mini-powdered donuts (the "snowballs") for breakfast. 

While they ate, they watched "Winter Wonderland for Your Home" (on Netflix). It is basically different snowy scenes put to music (it's actually quite relaxing to watch!). They loved it. :)

*The BEST apples in the world are on sale now at Staters...Ambrosia.

*Thanks to numerous hikes pre-hiking boots, my tennis shoes had gone way downhill, to the point that the soles were very thin. :)  I was super excited last week to find a cute pair at Costco for only $24! It's nice to not feel every rock I step on anymore. :)


Anonymous said...

Well, of COURSE they were excited about a snowball breakfast watching snow scenes set to elevator music! Kelly can make ANYTHING sound fun!


krista said...

Ah, Parenthood. I miss you, Bravermans! I have been watching it all over again because I miss them so much! Thanks for catching up on my blog...I am officially the worst blogger ever, but I try to throw a few in every so often ;)