Wednesday, December 23, 2015

robolights = awesome

*I'm very picky when it comes to iced coffee. Very. I texted Chris the other day with this pic and wrote, "A still full iced coffee at end of our trip. Didn't like the first one so went back thru drive-thru. Still didn't like the second one :) thought that would give u a chuckle" (in my defense, Jack n' the Box is always consistent...but even the worker said the coffee was extra strong that day!)

*The Bass Pro Shop with Jen and her girls on Monday. Such a fun morning!

 *Baking at Nana's house yesterday.

*I introduced the kids to the best Christmas movie, White Christmas. They lasted about 30 minutes. In their defense, it does have its slow parts. :)

*Our original plan was to leave for Chris' parents today. However we couldn't get off until this afternoon, when most people would be leaving (Chris' traffic app actually emailed him telling him that between 2:00-7:00 this afternoon would be the worst traffic). Anyway, we knew the kids would be disappointed in pushing our trip back, so I took them out to the desert for a fun morning.

We started at a park and then made our way to what turned out to be, "The best place ever", in both their words. There is a house in Palm Springs which has been coined, "Robolights". I simply can't describe it other than...weird, but awesome. A huge backyard has been turned into a wonderland of garbage created stuff. During Christmas, it's most popular at night because it's decorated with lights. However I know my kids would be too scared and so our daytime visit was perfect. It is so worth the trip and we will definitely go back!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness! That IS a strange looking collection. Took some artistic work to do them.
Hope you don't hit much traffic tomorrow.

Jessica said...

That's so crazy looking! I definitely want to check it out :) Thanks!

What's your current favorite iced coffee?