Wednesday, December 30, 2015

christmas in pictures

We got back on Monday from a great Christmas up north. Some highlights:

Opening presents was, of course, a big highlight. This year, Legos were a theme. :)

Always fun to have Grandma W. make the trip down to see us during our visit!

Christmas feast.

Speaking of feasts, the whole weekend was filled with yummy food...
Cameron: Blueberry Jello Salad
Kelly: Chocolate Cake 

Chris: New York Steak ...

Bike rides. The kids loved navigating around all the enormous puddles left by the rain.

A very fun Christmas :)

p.s. I got my Hallmark movie fix each night as well. Speaking of TV, Chris and I are ADDICTED to "Making a Murderer" on Netflix. It is a documentary following a man falsly accused of a crime, but then later accused of another crime. I would post a link, but I don't even want to Google search it for fear of spoiling what happens. It is fascinating and I have been known to stay up until 10:00 p.m. just to finish an episode!! :)


Anonymous said...

Another fun visit to Dinuba! So glad Grandma Wanda can come down too.
Are you sure those are steaks on the grill...and not individual roasts? :o)

Ana said...

10:00?! Big time. ;)