Friday, January 1, 2016

biggest hike yet

*My two favorite Christmas presents were a Cutco knife from my parents and a Fitbit from Chris' parents. On Tuesday Cameron was extremely excited to help me set up my Fitbit, knowing it would help us on our hike the following day.

*And now the hike. Wow. What a doozy! This was our longest to date...9 miles/6 hours. It was so much fun. We still would have had a LONG way to go to the top of the tram (which is our eventual goal), but this was still a good training hike to get us that much closer.

Cameron really wanted to reach the first rescue box (they have two on the way up, with emergency supplies for stranded hikers).

*My mom watched Kendall while we were gone. She made the morning so special by planning a play date, complete with a tea party. :)

*New Year's Eve had us attending a wedding of a friend from our former church out in OC. This was the kids' first wedding ever. Here they are throwing rose petals on the runner as the bride walked down the aisle (they were big fans of this!).

*After the wedding, we went straight to my parents to celebrate Christmas. Each year my sister's present to them includes new pages to scrapbooks she has made for them. The kids love to look at them each time we come over. :)

*Kendall has expressed interest in going on some longer hikes. Today Cam and I decided to introduce her to a very small portion of what we did on Wednesday. She did awesome!! I can't tell you how excited I would be if she got as into hiking as Cam is and we could eventually start doing family hikes. :)

 Umm...favorite picture ever! So sweet...

p.s. The common recommendation of trying to reach 10,000 steps (on my Fitbit) a day is HARD!! I easily reached it on our hiking days, but yesterday I reached a whopping 3,200. :( Yikes!


Anonymous said...

Cannot beat that last picture! Just cannot beat it!

Jessica said...

I agree, 10,000 steps a day is really hard!

Maybe Kendall could encourage Alayna to enjoy hiking ;)

Ana said...

I'm looking for a daily average of 10000 steps. Not sure if the fit but shows this info, but I estimate if I do 10-12 miles a week I can meet the 10000 daily average-even if I'm only running/walking every other day!

Ana said...

Fit but. Haha. You know what I meant.