Thursday, January 7, 2016

naan bread

*I'm good on the rain. Yes, I know it's good for our state, blah, blah, blah (just kidding...well, partially) :)

*Parenthood has officially become my all time favorite TV series. Ever.

*I decided to break myself into this Fitbit thing by setting a goal of 8,000 steps per day, rather than the recommended 10,000. Good grief! 8,000 is even hard (especially on rainy days)!!

*I am VERY particular about my kids' finger nails. I really, really don't like it when kids' nails get long. Dirt cakes underneath and it just annoys me. I'm pretty vigilant about keeping them quite short.

*Every now and then my kids ask if they can go through my box of memory stuff. Yesterday's rain made this activity a great choice. Kendall is actually holding a Reader's Digest cover I saved due to Dean Cain being on the cover. My friend, Jen, and I would watch Lois and Clark EVERY single Sunday night and call each other during each commercial to debrief. We obviously had quite the crush on him. Ha!

*Yesterday in the class I was subbing for, they had a guest speaker from the water district. Interesting fact: California has unusually high water standards, such that our tap water is higher quality than bottled water. Our filter went out long ago in our fridge and I have been using tap for a while. Now I can actually feel good about it! :)

*I'm really liking Naan bread from Costco. We've made pizzas and just last night, open faced burritos. They are so easy!


Jessica said...

That bread looks yummy!

You might be in for a few more months of rain! Lol. It's not my favorite either, but I'm happy we're getting it. It's hard with a one year old. I'm craving some warm sunshine on my face :) I'm glad our winters are generally mild!

We've drank tap water for years! Ours tastes good!

Parenthood is also my all time favorite show! Did you finish it?

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, the Sunday night date with "Superman."

Post those amazing pictures of the snow from Oak Glen today.


Teresa DiMillo said...

I used to love watching Lois and Clark! Parenthood is definitely one of my all time favs.

I'm super particular about nails too. I like to keep Trent's short and Taelyn's freshly manicured. She used to bite her nails to the nub and I broke her of that by telling her I would paint them once a week. Now they are long and beautiful. She doesn't really play in dirt, so I don't have to worry about that with her.