Tuesday, January 19, 2016

bad mom day

I wish yesterday would have come AFTER today so I could redeem myself with a fun day. Yesterday the kids didn't have school so the four of us went for hike in the desert. We ended with dinner at Red Robin...which made it pretty much the perfect afternoon. :)

Now to today. First off, Cameron came in at 5:45am to tell me he felt like his head was hot. It felt normal, so I sent him back to bed. When I went in a little later, he was crying on his bed. He said he had actually been awake since 4:45am and was frustrated that he couldn't go back to sleep. This is not unusual for him, so I comforted him but continued on with the morning.

I noticed that he was pretty lethargic on the way to school. Again, I chalked it up to his early wake time. I dropped him off and headed to sub for the morning. I didn't check my phone and when I got done, there was an hour old voicemail telling me Cameron had a 102 degree fever and to please come get him. Ahhh!!! I felt dreadful!! After I called and straightened out the issue of why they didn't call Chris after I didn't answer (still am a bit unclear on that), I raced over.

I felt miserable having written off his fever complaint in the morning, ignoring his lethargy on the way to school, and then making him wait in the office for an hour. Luckily he was so sweet and understanding...but still. Ugh. :(

Right now he's snuggled on the couch watching Inside Out, so all is well. Kendall has enjoyed the perks of having a sick brother, like an afternoon movie and cereal for lunch. :)


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhh, I know you do feel sad, but you are such an amazing mother that this is actually a small "oops." I hope he wakes up without a fever and feeling better tomorrow.

Jessica said...

Looks like your Monday was fun!

We all make mistakes like that, sometimes it's hard to guage if they are really sick or not. I've had Ethan come home with a fever but he didn't want to tell anyone so he suffered through the day :( It does make you feel bad!