Friday, January 8, 2016


*I consider myself a decent mom...except in a few areas:

1. I don't like to swim. While I do take my kids to swim often during the summer, I rarely (if ever!) join them.

2. I don't like to go to kids movies in theaters. I get bored and ancy. Chris is much better at this and so I let him take over. :)

3. I HATE the cold (a reason for #1). Yesterday when Chris texted me that he wanted to take the kids up to Oak Glen to play in the snow, I eagerly took him up on giving me a free pass. :)

*I blubbered through the series finale of Parenthood last night. And I thought I cried a lot during all the previous episodes!! Holy Cow! :)

*We keep our thermostat at 65 during the night.

*I still double space after periods. Hard to break.

*I'm still far from wanting to get back into working out. My Jillian Michaels videos have lost their luster. :) The only thing that sounds appealing is treadmill running. My parents had one back in college and I remember loving to run on it while watching a movie (Clueless was viewed too many times to count). I know there are probably thousands of nice treadmills sitting in peoples' homes, never being used, just dying to be sold dirt cheap to me. :)

Speaking of healthy stuff, Chris showed me something someone posted the other day and we both got a good laugh. :)


Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear some of the story lines from Parenthood that made you cry during the seasons.

Teresa DiMillo said...

I can't wait to talk to you about the Parenthood Finale. I'm with you on the swimming and the cold. Pass! I don't mind going to the movies any time to watch anything. I'm really enjoying the classes at the Y. Body Pump and Body combat are my favorites, yoga and Barre are great too. Spin, not my thing. Maybe you can join me sometime. I know they offer trail classes.