Friday, January 15, 2016

anne of green gables

*All this lottery talk got me thinking about one of my favorite movies back when I was a teenager...It Could Happen to You.

*Sometimes Kendall likes to eat lunch in her tent. She pokes her head out for each bite.

*Kendall has taken a liking to my heated corn bags. She typically wants one for bedtime. :)

*Speaking of heat, Cameron likes to sit by the fire to do his homework. :)

*This weather has made me think of Mimi's corn chowder, which is amazing. So last night I tried to make my own. Chris gave it a 7.5. On a "soup scale" (because he's not a soup fan), that is pretty good. The kids liked it, but I didn't sense a, "Wow!!".

*For some reason I've been craving an Anne of Green Gables marathon. It's been way too long since I've watched the series. I still am flabbergasted when I come across girls who have never seen it (and it MUST be the one with Megan Follows as Anne).


Anonymous said...

Well, OF COURSE, Kendall likes the heated pad in bed! Who wouldn't?!

Aw, Anne of Green Gables, such wonderful memories of watching that with you and Susan.

Jessica said...

I only watched Anne once and it wasn't until college but I loved it :) I wonder if my kids would enjoy it? I can't remember how mature it was.

I made my kids each their own little heat pack (with rice) :)