Saturday, January 23, 2016


*When Cam stayed home from school this past week, he "helped" Chris with his graphic design. Cam LOVES doing this. Basically Chris explains to him what he does and let's Cam offer input. :)

*Several years ago a friend of mine and I were talking about cereal. She shared with me her strategy of mixing a sugar cereal with a healthy one. I thought this was brilliant and have done it ever since. The kids always know that when we treat them to an unhealthy cereal, they get to pick which healthy one it gets mixed with.

Fridays are always, "breakfast for lunch" days. Yesterday I decided to surprise them with Cookie Crisp. :) Here is Kendall measuring out the bowls. :)

*Chris and I have been in a TV show rut. We decided to try a reality show called, The Profit, which follows a wealthy entrepreneur who rescues failing businesses. We really like it so far. 

*We are officially starting to research guinea pigs and hamsters for Kendall's birthday. Not sure what we have gotten ourselves into... :) 

*It is slightly embarrassing to think of the LOUD excitement that occurs in our house when Kendall does a big poop. Lots of whooping and hollering. :)

*Why is it that you have a 50/50 chance of getting the fitted sheet right when you are putting it back on the mattress, yet I would say 80% of the time, I get the wrong corner and have to shift the whole thing???


Jessica said...

I had Guinea pigs as my class pet when I taught, so I can answer your Guinea pig questions :)

Does Kendall take a good quality probiotic?? That could help the poop thing. You know probiotics are my jam, lol! 😉

Teresa DiMillo said...

I have the same issues as Kendall, I always have, Taelyn has my issues. I have a stool in front of the toilet to help elevate my feet, that helps a lot!

I do the same with my cereal. I like to mix honey bunches of oats with Apple Jacks.

When you put your fitted sheet on, look for the tag and always put it on the same corner. For my sheets, the rag goes on the bottom right corner, this way, it's always the same. If you don't have a tag, mark it with a sharpie.