Sunday, December 20, 2015

fake snow

*We had a BIG hike planned for yesterday. It was the Skyline trail, one we plan to eventually complete (meaning from the bottom of the Palm Springs Tram to the top), but which we were going to do another practice run on. 

Unfortunately the night before, my stomach started acting up. I still wasn't feeling well in the morning, but really didn't want to cancel for Cam's sake. My dad suggested we do a hike closer to home. I thought for sure Cam would be devastated, but to my surprise he was totally up for switching plans. :) 

We ended up doing our Wildwood hike (in Yucaipa), but completing the entire loop, which we had wanted to do for a while!

 Cam was super excited when we stumbled upon some ice/snow.

*While we were gone, Chris and Kendall spent the morning together out in the desert. Here they are at the street fair at College of the Desert. He gave her $10 to spend and she was beyond excited to do so. This scarf was her first purchase.

*Looking back, while it was a fun hike, it wasn't the smartest idea on my part. Of course it ended up making me feel worse and I spent the remainder of the day in bed. To give me some rest, Chris took the kids to dinner and to see Christmas lights. They had a blast!

*While they were gone, I realized I had run out of Advent trinkets for the following morning. I did NOT feel like going out, so I did some quick internet research and found a recipe for homemade snow. Perfect. Luckily (thanks to 11 hours of sleep!), I felt much better this morning and was able to watch them make their snow. :)

*Poor Chris hates the smell of my corn heating bag, but man did it feel good on my stomach yesterday!! :)

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Jessica said...

Haha, I have a rice pack I use all the time. I wonder what one smells worse?

I'm curious about your hike, did you do a loop in that you went to the top and came down a different way? How long did the whole thing take? I'm curious what the top is for that.