Friday, January 6, 2017

big bite

*A couple things on my desk that make me happy...

My desktop background

*This is a "hooray" for Chris after calling in and finding out he didn't have to report for jury duty this year. I know that we should be happy to do something as small as serve on a jury seeing as we live in such a great country. But let's be honest, it is kind of nice when we get excused... :)

*Ahh...doesn't our Peanut look so innocent?? Wrong. Last night I reached in to get him from his cage and he bit me so hard and deep that I cried. I currently cannot write nor bend my finger due to the pain and swelling. I can't tell you how mad I was. His biting has gotten worse to the point that we are pretty sure he needs to find another place to live. The problem is that I would never feel comfortable giving him to a family with what does one do? Ugh.

*Kendall got her spacers put in this week. Braces here we come!

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