Monday, January 16, 2017

some randoms as of late

*Our guinea pig, Peanut, had to leave our family. We just didn't feel right keeping him around knowing the kind of damage he was capable of when he chose to bite (which was becoming more and more frequent). We aren't in a rush to replace him, but I'm sure we will eventually as we do love our piggies. :)

*A few days after Peanut bit my right hand, I spilled scalding coffee on my left hand. I basically heated it so hot that it bubbled over onto my hand when I took it out of the microwave. It turned out to be a 2nd degree burn. I didn't realize it at the time and therefore didn't care for it like I should have. I'm thinking a scar is in my future. I totally learned my lesson and am not heating my coffee that hot anymore...ummm...sure...that's it... ;)

*Here are some pics from our day off from work/school today. It was such a nice, low key day.

Drinking hot chocolate in their new favorite reading area.

I treated them to a treat at Target. 

Kendall was a great little kitchen helper. Here we are doing some meal prep (Taco Soup).

Cameron is constantly asking us to, "expand my bike route". Today I allowed him to go further than he's ever gone. Kendall and I surprised him by driving up and providing a snack/energy for his trip. I might have had some ulterior motives. I kind of wanted to check and make sure the route I approved was really okay. ;)

This is my face when I was trying to help Kendall with math. Want to know what I was stuck on? 
24 - 5 = ___
Yep...I can't believe how complicated these simple problems are with common core. I feel sooo dumb trying to figure out how she is supposed to solve them! :(

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