Sunday, January 22, 2017


*Last night we went to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. We had some coupons for free cheesecake so we let the kids each pick out their own piece. They were super excited!

*Today after church Chris took the kids home while I went to Starbucks to work. I was able to get a lot done and feel better about heading into the week. They were in the middle of a wild game of Monopoly when I got home. Chris and Kendall were on the same team and cleaned house. :)

*This afternoon the kids asked if we could drive around to see the flooded streets. While we were driving, Cameron asked if he could stand on the side of the street and have us drive by and splash him. This is SO not like Cameron so we immediately said, yes!!

*One of the reasons I loved Parenthood was because it was one of the few shows where the men/husbands weren't portrayed as dumb idiots. I LOVE This is Us for the exact same reason. I could do without a few plot lines, but the marriage between the two main characters makes the show worth watching. They are actually a team...not a smart wife married to a stupid husband, like every other show on TV (can you tell I have some pretty strong opinions??)

 p.s. I also cry almost every episode...just like Parenthood. :)


Jessica said...

Totally agree with This Is US!

Anonymous said...

They really beat Chris at Monopoly? Fair and square?

I can't get enough of watching that video on Chris's Facebook page of your driving by and splashing Cameron! So fun!


Teresa DiMillo said...

I'm pretty obsessed with This Is Us also!